Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today's Walk - Sammamish River Trail (WA)

Today, despite it being my allowed "day off" of exercise, I decided I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and walk along the Sammamish River Trail. I live in Western Washington state and we're very lucky in the number of trails, paths, parks, etc we have. Many of these are multi-use trails where bikers, walkers, runners, skaters, etc. all share the trail. For the most part, this works really well and the vast majority of people follow the basic rules and are nice to each other.

The Sammamish River Trail is 10.9 miles in full, all paved. I love the river and all the plant, insect and wildlife I get to see. In fact, I meander along it with my camera quite a bit. Today was obviously Canada Goose day as a lot of them were bobbing in the river, looking for snacks.

I enjoyed my walk and put a link to the map generated by my Garmin Forerunner during the walk at the top of this post. See - DATA!

I slathered on a lot of sunscreen, filled the smaller Camelbak with water, brought my good sunglasses and set off in my VFF.

Things I'll do differently next time:
  • Burp the Camelbak. The sloshing was a bit annoying.
  • Put ice in the Camelbak (we don't use much ice at my house so rarely have any - might have to stop somewhere). The water got pretty warm after a bit.
  • Take chapstick. The sunscreen did well on most of my skin but my lips suffered a bit.
  • Go earlier in the day. It gets a bit crowded at noonish on a weekend.
  • Remember my iPod.
What a lovely day for a walk.

Oh - and I realized I got 5K done in under an hour. Woohoo!

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