I have quite a few goals to achieve. Since I work best with both short and long term goals, I've sort of broken them down into those areas and come up with a list of actions to start me off. I also have a list of dreams of where I want to be eventually. My "bucket list" in a way.

  • Get down into a women's size 12 comfortably by the end of 2012.
  • Get into the "normal" BMI range.
  • Get my resting heart rate and blood pressure well into the "normal" range and keep it there.
  • Run at least a 5K (doesn't have to be fast).
  • Get my blood sugar levels back into normal range with good control.
  • Get off my carb-addiction bandwagon and stay off it.
  • Develop an active lifestyle where my career in writing is offset by time outdoors and being active at least three days a week for life.
  • Change my diet to gluten-free and low-carb and stick with it.
  • Get to the gym at least six days a week, no excuses.
  • Walk at least a 5K under 60 minutes.
  • Take my medication and vitamins daily and on schedule and check my blood sugar on schedule so I can adjust my diet accordingly.
  • My daily carb limit is 30g and I need at least 30g of protein per meal. Emphasize REAL food, not junk though the protein shake on the way to the gym is allowed.
  • Go to the gym NOW and keep going, no excuses. Has to be the morning (even though I hate mornings) because I have no reliable time after work. Sundays are the only acceptable days off.
  • Drink lots of water or equivalents.
  • Weight myself and track my progress.
  • To be able to shop at any of the higher-fashion stores in the regular size department.
  • To wear the cowboy boots I want to because my calves will fit in them again.
  • To wear my wedding rings again.
  • To have my size not be an impediment to travel anymore.
  • To think nothing of going out for a run or walk when the weather is nice.
  • To go hiking with friends without being the slow one.
  • To have a gluten-free cupcake once a month and be able to both tolerate and limit it to that (after goal weight).
  • To have better health so I can see my sons grow up and keep up with the youngest (I hope).
  • New wardrobe.
  • Cute skirted tankini swimsuit.
  • New pair of Lane "Stud Rocker" boots.
  • Start a new fancy bra collection.
  • Buy a hiking pass for the local trails.