Saturday, September 10, 2011

I LUST for these: INKnBURN !

(NOTE: All graphics in this post are copyright INKnBURN)

I occasionally troll through the pages of magazines at my gym and yesterday I found an ad for INKnBURN, a small specialty clothing company in Lake Forest, CA.

Allow me to confess to the fact that I have tattoos - a lot of them - and I like standing out from the crowd. I like edgy designs and, honestly, they are few and far between in running gear. Right now I have a wardrobe of solids and, really, it's pretty boring. But I have come into some strong preferencs that limit my choices in exercise clothes a LOT:
  • I can't stand short sleeve shirts to walk/run in.
  • I can't stand built-in or shelf bras.
  • I can't stand cotton.

See - rather an ugly list of negating factors to most of the mass-market exercise gear for women. So far the best I've been able to do is wear one of my zip up hoodies in glaring tie dye on my way to the gym.

After staring lustfully at INKnBURN's website, I now have the following on my wishlist (you can click on the image to visit the page on INKnBURN's website):

Run or Die Blue Tank
Blue Green Leaf Tech Tank Top
Lust Tank Top
Sun Totem Tech Tank Top

Aren't they amazing?? I'm in lust. I'll need to scrimp and save but, someday, these will be MINE.

Oh, and as an added bonus, they have matching arm warmers! Maybe this will mean I don't have to put on a jacket I will only wear until I get too warm and then have to take off and figure out what to do with!

Blue Run or Die 4ARMS

Green SaLeafs 4ARMS
Lust 4ARMS
Sun Totem 4ARMS
I've got their web page bookmarked and have already subscribed to the newsletter and set up a wishlist. I'd love to get the Run or Die tank in the green and red, also - maybe someday.

I really encourage anyone that wants striking and bold running gear to check out INKnBURN. They have some gorgeous designs for men as well as women and even childrens' sizes!

Now to start saving for mine!

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